Exposure billionaire Georges Morgan

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The book contains brief information about two space forces: Light and darkness and the corresponding two world dispensation.
Light community, a commune, something that we had the Soviet Union.
Darkness what we have now; when 10% of the world’s population hold in their hands all the means of subsistence, and the remaining 90% are in their complete dependence. Light is and darkness.
God is and the devil.
People need Knowledge, not blind worship. Church dogma and primitive sectarianism don’t give true information. Mankind is at a high level of intellectual development: we need the truth, the Truth ancient Wisdom without distortions and lie. Choosing an Entity for worship, choose the world order.

Автор: Catherine the Great Martyr (Patron of Orthodoxy)
Возрастной ценз: 18+
Форматы электронной книги: Интерактивный PDF
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